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Parent/Carer Champion Network and Mentor Support Programme.

Supporting Parents of children and young people at risk of going missing, exploitation, gang affiliation or running county lines.

Bromley Children and Families Forum (BCFF) is undertaking a new programme in partnership with Community Links and the London Borough of Bromley to establish and support a new parent/carer champion network which will support parents of children and young people aged 11 – 24 who are at risk of going missing, exploitation, gang affiliation and running county lines in Bromley.

This project aims to provide a safe space for parents and carers who may be isolated, frustrated and lonely, things that often occur when their children exhibit behaviours that place them at risk and they often find it hard to get the right support and understanding. This project will ultimately create a clear pathway for this group of parents to access support, give them a voice and promote the issues they are facing to the wider community in order to improve everyone’s future.

We are reaching out to parent/carers who would like to take part in this programme, either as parent/carer champions or to receive some parent/carer mentoring support. This programme has been developed with a view to giving parents and carers help and support, but also enabling them to participate in training, regular support group meetings, and volunteer as a mentor to other parents/carers who need it. Interested parties to complete the link below:

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