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TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER Bringing together charities and voluntary groups in Bromley and enabling them to better support children, young people and families across the borough. CHARITY NUMBER: 1153545 VOLUNTARY SECTOR FORUM

We are independent network of local voluntary groups working with children and young people as well as their families.

We provide a platform through which to connect, deliver training, share news and information from its members and associated members via its social media platforms, newsletters and networking events to the wider community.

We hold a number of Open Forum Meetings throughout the year that provide further opportunities for our members to share information and network as well as hear from relevant speakers.

We represent the sector on various LBB and strategic boards including the Voluntary Sector Strategic Network (VSSN), Bromley Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Children’s Executive Board, working to ensure we can keep our members fully informed whilst representing their interests at strategic level.